Tindivanam (Tamil: திண்டிவனம்) is a town and a municipality in Viluppuram district in the Indian state of Tamil nadu. Important roads from north to south Tamil Nadu pass through Tindivanam and similarly from west to east.
Tindivanam is a Selection grade Municipal Town. Tindivanam was Constituted as Municipality in 01.04.1949 and it was subsequently upgraded as 2nd grade Municipality from 03.04.1970, 1st grade Municipality from 22.05.98 and Selection Grade from 02.12.2008. Ennairam , located near Tindivanam, has inscriptions about the Hindu shastras that date back to the 11th century.The chola temple of Narasimma swamy koil Built by Rajaraja Chola 1 (985 –1010) and has reached 1000 years. 8,000 samanaras were lived in this village.
It was initially known as ‘Tindirivanam’ where “Tindiri” means Tamarind in pure Tamil and “Vanam” means Jungle. So it was called the ‘Jungle Of Tamarind’ in the olden days. This name changed slowly to its present day name.
Tindivanam is located at 12°15′N 79°39′E / 12.25°N 79.65°E. It has an average elevation of 58 metres (190 feet). Tindivanam is located at a distance of 120 km from Chennai in South West Direction and at distance of 35 km from Pondicherry in North West Direction.Tindivanam is one among the three sub-divisions of viluppuram District, Tamil Nadu. This small town lies about 25 km northwest of Cuddalore. Tindivanam is divided into 234 Revenue Villages under Tindivanam Taluk It lies in the stretch of NH-45, about 123 km from Chennai, capital city of Tamil Nadu. Tindivanam is also located at the junction of roads going to Tiruchirapalli, Puducherry, Thiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram, Villuppuram, Marakkanam and Chennai.
As of 2001 India census, Tindivanam had a population of 67,826. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 50%. Tindivanam has an average literacy rate of 76%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 81%, and female literacy is 70%. In Tindivanam, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.
STD Code
 Places of significance
Oilseeds Research Station  is located at a distance of 3 km from Tindivanam town. Started as Agricultural Research Station in 1935, later inducted with Tamilnadu Agricultural University in the year 1981. Oilseeds Research Station has been established by Govt of Tamilnadu to evolve groundnut, sesame and castor varieties with desirable attributes viz., short duration, high yield, high oil content, drought tolerance, fresh seed dormancy, resistance to major insect pests and diseases etc. Groundnut (Has separate Kolmudal Nilayalam (Tamil)) & Oil seeds research station – affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. The Ground nut is locally called Malattai (the word comes from Manila-kottai. The kottai (nut) came from Manila, Philippines)
Nothing as significant in that place except for few good schools which produced so many good candidates who are across the globe just like any other small towns/cities. It is strategically located as a junction connecting some big/small cities of Tamilnadu.

Religious Places

  • Shiva Temple also called Periya Koil. The main deity is known as Shri Maragathambigai Sametha Thindrinishvarar Aalayam. This Temple built 1000years before 1010 A.D., The Temple built by Thiru. RajaRaja Chozhan[Eswaran in Tindivanam]
  • TheerthaKulam BalaMurugan Koil, Near Periya Koil
  • Anjaneyar Temple near Rajankulam
  • Draupadi Amman Temple near Rajankulam
  • Jain Temple near Tindivanam market
  • Mailam Murugan Temple
  • Thiruvakkarai Vakkrakali Amman Temple
  • Mannar Swamy Kovil- Marakkanam Road
  • Vitlapuram Murugan Koil
  • Perumal Kovil near market
  • Ayyapan temple,Murugan temple near Rajankulam
  • Gidangal Aramvalartha Nayagi sametha AnbaNayaga Eswaran temple- built by Thiru. Nalliyakoda King
  • Om Shakthi temple at pellakuppam(Also known as Kiezh maruvathur
  • Dheevanur suyambu vinayagar temple
  • Angaalamman temple at gingee road
  • Pooni amman temple at thiruvalluvar nagar
  • Periya Muthumarriamman temple near M.R.S Theatre
  • Gingee Road BalaMurugan Koil
  • Our Lady of Seven delours church,Tindivanam
  • Our Lady of Immaculate conception Church, Munnur Tindivanam
  • Our Lady of Fathima Church, Vellakulam Tindivanam
  • Vani Pillayar kovil,Vaaniya street,
  • Sundara Varsithi Vinayagar Temple,Sarkaar thopu,
  • Vinayagar Temple,Vasanthapuram.
  • Vinayagar Temple,Railway colony,
  • Tindivanam Municipal Council:
  1. Chairman – Mr.A.Boobalan
  2. Vice Chairman – Mrs.Kavitha
  3. Commissioner – Mr.R.Murugesan
Educational Institutions
The following are the Educational Institutions in Tindivanam:
  • St. Ann’s Higher Secondary School
  • St. Philomena’s Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Walter Scuder Higher Secondary School
  • National Higher Secondary School
  • St. Ann’s Middle School
  • Tagore Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Jayapuram,
  • Tagore Higher secondary school (CBSE)
  • St. Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Murungapakkam Govt Higher Secondary School
  • St. Mary’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Montfort Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Francis Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Saram
  • Kooshal chand Govt higher secondary school
  • M.D.Krane Govt High school
  • R.C. Nirmala Primary School
  • Roshanai Colony Municipal School
  • Muslim High School
  • Murungapakkam Municipal Elementary School
  • Walter Scudder Elementary School
  • Ayyanthoppu, Municipal Elementary School
  • Kamatchi Vilas Middle School
  • Kanniga Parameswari Elementary School
  • Marys Nursery School
  • M.D. Crane Middle School
  • National Elementary School
  • Sri.Maragathambigai Middle School
  • Chanakya Matriculation School
  • Thai Thamizh nursery school
  • Solar Matriculation school
  • Shree Nagamal school
  • Indian Bank (With ATM) – Nehru Street, Tindivanam
  • State Bank of India (With ATM) – Nehru Street, Tindivanam
  • SBI ATM – Gingee road & Devangar Street, Tindivanam
  • Indian Bank – Jayapuram Colony, Tindivanam
  • ICICI Bank (With ATM) – 1, Duraiswamy Achari Street, Tindivanam
  • Lakshmi Vilas Bank (With ATM) – 20, R.S.Pillai Street,Opp.Taluk Office, Tindivanam
  • Karur Vysia Bank (With ATM) – Perumal Koil Sanathi Street, Tindivanam
  • Tindivanam Co-operative Urban Bank – 1, Marikulam Street, Tindivanam
  • Central Co-operative Bank – 217, Nehru Street, Tindivanam
  • Union Bank (With ATM) – New Masjith Street, Tindivanam
  • Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank (With ATM) – Near Theertha Kulam, Tindivanam
Hospitals in Tindivanam
Tindivanam Government Hospital 04147 – 222250
Private Hospitals in Tindivanam
S.No. Hospital / Doctor Details Specialist Address
Telephone No.
Resi. Clinic
1 S.Arul Raja B.D.S & Rabiya Arul Raja B.D.S Dental No.71, Marakkanam Road, Near Over Bridge Entrance, Tindivanam – 604 001 98433 77795 90802 15500
2 P. Venugopal Retd.J.D General 2,Panchanathan Street, Tindivanam 222580
3 V. Thambiraja B.Sc.,M.B.B.S General 7,Marikula Street, Tindivanam 222038
4 S. Murugan Siddha 3/1, Bharathi Street, Tindivanam 224313
5 A. Mohan B.D.S Dental 1, Bharathi Street, Tindivanam
6 A.R. Baskar M.B.B.S General 1, Nehru Street, Tindivanam 224916
7 S. Balamurugan B.D.S Dental 19, Bajanai Koil Street, Tindivanam 223169
8 R. Shanmugasundaram M.D Heart 38,Perumal Koil St., Tindivanam 222374
9 S. Natarajan M.B.B.S General 38,Perumal Koil St., Tindivanam 222374
10 N. Palani M.B.B.S General 19, Mariammankoil Street, Tindivanam 222379
11 Dharmalingam M.B.B.S Child 1, Keerakara Street, Tindivanam 224021
12 P. Sekar M.B.B.S General Clinic- 362,Nehru Street, Tindivanam 222401 223236
13 V. Lakshmi M.B.B.S General 1U, Rottikara Street, Tindivanam 222482
14 V.V. Varadharajan M.B.B.S General 1A, Rottikara Street, Tindivanam 222482
15 P. Krishnarajan M.B.B.S Skin 131,Nehru Street Tindivanam 224046
16 A. Prabhavathi, M.B.B.S.,D.G.O Maternity 23,Kamatchiamman koil St., Tindivanam 222735
17 C. Kasinathan M.B.B.S Eye 115, Nehru Street, Tindivanam
18 S. Ramadass M.B.B.S General 44A, Kamatchiammankoil STreet, Tindivanam 222709
19 R. Suresh M.B.B.S Child 7, Kamatchiammankoil Street Tindivanam
20 K. Ravichandran Acupuntur 191, Nehru Street, Tindivanam 223364
21 R. Masilamani M.B.B.S General 238, Nehru Street, Tindivanam 224984
22 D. Santhanakrishnan B.D.S Dental 334B, Nehru Street, Tindivanam 225895
23 M.S. Manickadevi M.B.B.S General 5/8,Nagalapuram Kula St., 223216
24 R. Jeevanandam B.D.S Dental 58/4,Pondy Road, Tindivanam 222919 222593
25 Geetha M.B.B.S General 55/8,Wahab Nagar, Marakkanam Road, Tindivanam
26 Prasana Nivas M.B.B.S General 54/34,Gandhi Nagar, Tindivanam 222974
27 J. Francklin Selvaraj M.B.B.S General Marakkanam Road, Tindivanam 224531 225213
28 P. Gajendran M.D General 44/A, Jayapuram, Tindivanam 222916
29 R. Sampath M.B.B.S General 48/10,Jayapuram, Tindivanam 222256 224016
30 S. Manimaran, M.A.M.D.H 43C, Jayapuram 3rd Street, Tindivanam 224157 222518
31 S. Chandrasekar B.D.S Dental 6, Jayapuram, Tindivanam 222555 224015
32 St. Joseph’s Hospital Jayapuram, Tindivanam
33 P.M. Santhi M.B.B.S General 1, Gopal Street, Naliyakodan Nagar, Tindivanam 224919 224020
34 R. Palaniraman Child 33/4,Mailam Road, Tindivanam 224022 224917
35 Pachaiappan Homeopathy 2/A, Seschalam Street 223923
36 N. Gnanaprakasam M.B.B.S General 14, R.S.Street, Tindivanam 222405
37 R. Rajini, M.B.B.S,D.G.O Maternity 34/3,Gingeeroad, Tindivanam 222913 222737
38 Thenmozhi M.B.B.S General 201, Sarkar Thoppu, Tindivanam 222495
39 K. Balasubramaniam M.B.B.S General 208, Sarkar Thoppu 224039
Medical Labs in Tindivanam
S.No. Name of the Lab Address
1. Samraj Clinical Labs #10, Bharathi Street, Tindivanam
2. Arun Clinical Labs #2, Bharthi Street, Tindivanam
3. Alpha Clinical Labs #5, Veepanchalai Street, Tindivanam
4. Rathina Clinical Labs #210, Nehru Street, Tindivanam
Government Hospitals in Villupuram District
Villupuram 04146 – 222566
Vikkiravandi 04146 – 233567
Gingee 04145 – 222015
Thirukoilur 04153 – 252336
Ulundurpettai 04149 – 222201
Kallakurichi 04151 – 222331
Vanur 0413 – 2677181
Private Hospitals in Villupuram District
E.S Hospital 04146 – 251035
Khotti Bone Fracture Hospital 04146 – 223882
Vetrivel Hospital 04146 – 259194
Om Murugan Sittha Hospital 04146 – 227445
Anand Hospital 04146 – 224937
Aswini Hospital 04146 – 223044
Muthu Dental Hospital 04146 – 228723
Pandari Hospital 04146 – 222009
Hari Hospital 04146 – 222170
Jayashankara Hindu Mission Hospital 04146 – 222210
Lakshmi Hospital 04146 – 222227
Maragadham Hospital 04146 – 225456
Sumathi Hospital 04146 – 223217
T.S.R Nursing Home 04146 – 222760
Kanniga Homeopathy Clinic 99762 70776
Famous people
  • O. P. Ramaswamy Reddiyar (Omandur Ramasamy Reddiar) (OMANTHURAR) (ஓமந்தூர் ராமசாமி ரெட்டியார்) (1895–1970) was an Indian freedom-fighter and politician of the Indian National Congress. He served as the Premier of Madras Presidency from March 23, 1947 to April 6, 1949.
  • PMK Founder Dr. Ramadoss and Anbumani Ramadoss residences located here.
  • Tindivanam Ramamoorthy, Eminent Congress EX-MP, served as Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President.
  • C.Ve.Shanmugam (ADMK)MLA.-Ex minister for education.
  • mr Adhikesavan as a animator and film maker.
Tindivanam is a Selection grade Municipal Town. Tindivanam was Constituted as Municipality in 01.04.1949 and it was subsequently upgraded as 2nd grade Municipality from 03.04.1970, 1st grade Municipality from 22.05.98 and Selection Grade from 02.12.2008.. Tindivanam is located at a distance of 120 Km from Chennai in South West Direction and at distance of 35 Km from Pondicherry in North West Direction.
Location of Municipal Office
The Municipal office is situated nearly 1.5 kms north from bus stand, on the Pondy to Kangeepuram State Highways Road.
Contact Address
Municipal Commissioner,
Tindivanam Municipality.
Tindivanam.  PIN- 604 001.
Phone:  Office : 222073,   Personal : 222805
STD Code : 04147
The working population constitutes 31.25% of the total population and majority of them are engaged in tertiary activities i.e. 66% in Tourism and Trade related activities. Secondary Sector is the second important activity and nearly 24% of the total workers are engaged in business and related allied activities. Only 10% of the total workers are engaged in Primary Sector especially in Tea Plantations and Agriculture activities.
Town Profile
Tindivanam Town is a taluk head quarters. The town is surrounded by number of villages and there are many agricultural lands and their key crop is Ground Nut, Paddy, Sugarcane.
The Tindivanam town is having 58.411 K.M length of roads and the Municipality is maintaining ‘C” grade Bus stand in the heart of the town. There are commercial complexs, which helps in promoting commercial and economic activities of the town.
The surrounded villages are the main places for the agricultural activities as far as this town is concerned. A considerable portion of Ground Nut, Paddy is grown in the around Tindivanam Town
The Tamil Nadu state Bus transport corporation is providing 90% of transport facilities to this town. Besides the bus facilities the southern Railway is providing train facilities through Tindivanam Railway station. Train facilities are available to Trichy, Madurai and other part south of Tamilnadu from Tindivanam Railway station.
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